WPHubSite Getting Started Guide

Build your website integrated with HubSpot on WPHubSite. It's the best all-in-one WordPress-based HubSpot website builder and it's free.

This guide will help you get started setting up and using your new WPHubSite website. It’s not meant to be an in-depth guide but does link to expanded resource on some topics if available.

This guide is meant to be completed like an ordered checklist. So, work your way from number one through to the last step and you’ll be well versed in working with your WPHubSite.

Note: This guide is also available in your website’s admin dashboard where it links to the relevant sections in your admin dashboard.

  1. Watch the getting started video.
  2. How to log into your WPHubSite website (video available).
  3. Enable and set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account (video available).
  4. Update the A record of your domain (Starter and Pro plans) (video available).
  5. Connect your domain on your account page (Starter and Pro plans) (video available).
  6. Connect HubSpot to your website (video available).
  7. Update WordPress settings (video available).
  8. Customize your website theme (video available).
  9. Create your first page (video available).
  10. Create your first blog post (video available).
  11. Create a website menu and add items to your website navigation (video available).
  12. Update general site-wide SEO settings (video available).
  13. Configure SEO settings on pages, posts, categories, and tags (video available).
  14. Embed HubSpot elements into WPHubSite guides (Four Guides).
  15. Add a payment method before your trial is complete so your service isn’t interrupted.
  16. Explore advanced theme customizations methods.

When you join WPHubSite and your website is set up for you it comes with some pages and a few media files to help guide you through getting things set up. Once you’re done with those files it’s a good idea to delete them. We’ve put together a help article about deleting items.

Last Updated On March 3, 2021


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