Update Your Domain A Record With Your Registrar

Update Your Domain A Record With Your Registrar

You will update your domain A record to point to our server so you can set up a custom domain for your website. Where your domain is registered will determine how this process works. You’ll find instructions for the most common registrars.

If you need assistance making the change please contact us and we can help you figure out how to change your domain A record.

Once your A record is changed with your domain registrar you will need to connect your domain on your WPHubSite account page. There’s also a video at the bottom of this page that walks through both topics.

Domain Registrars

Google Domains

These steps help you through changing your domain’s A record so your website works with WPHubSite. You can follow nearly all the same steps to create an A record also if you don’t have one.

Step 1: Log into your Google Domains account so you’re in the My Domains tab.

Step 2: Choose the Manage button next to your domain.

Google Domain My domains tab click the Manage button next to your domain.

Step 3: Open the DNS tab.

Step 4: In the Custom resource records section (you have to scroll way down towards the bottom) you should have an A record. It has an IP address in it (something like Click the Edit button in the A record row.

Edit the Google Domains custom resource records A record for the domain and the CNAME record for the www version of your domain.
WPHubSite WordPress admin dashboard account custom domain IP address.

Step 5: Change the IP address to the IP address listed in your WPHubSite website dashboard account summary. It’s in the Custom Domain section.

Step 6: The Save button will save your change to the IP address and begin the propagation process. Change can take from 24-48 hours to propagate but typically they propagate within the hour.

Note: If you don’t have an A record, fill out the following details (be sure to fill out the right IP address, the part) and then click the Add button:

Enter Google Domains A record settings then click the Add button.

Step 7: If you don’t have a CNAME record for the www (https://www.domain.com) of your domain and would like one then follow this step. If you don’t want a www option for your domain then skip this step (https://domain.com). Add a CNAME record with the following settings and then click the Add button.

Add a CNAME record with name www and Data with the domain name.

Note: Be sure to enter your domain.com but all the other fields are identicle.

That’s it! Once this information propagates then your website will work with your domain. You can access your dashboard with your same username and password you signed up with. Your login is accessible by adding a /wp-admin/ at the end of your domain.

Now you’ll need to connect your domain on your WPHubSite account page. Keep in mind that it may take up to 48 hours for your domain settings to propagate from your registrar. Usually it happens within minutes but on occasion it does take longer.


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Update Your Domain Record Video

This video covers how to set your domain A record and connect your custom domain.

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