Embed HubSpot Elements On Your WPHubSite WordPress Website Guide

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This guide will help you take advantage of all the options WPHubSite provides you for embedding content from HubSpot into your website. Once your website is connected to HubSpot you can embed anything HubSpot allows you to. That means as visitors interact with these elements on your website they’ll be tracked in HubSpot.

If a visitor fills out a form then you’ll have a new lead available in HubSpot and their activity will be tracked on the rest of your website. That means if they fill out a form and then use the chat feature you’ll already know who they are and all their activity will be tracked in their HubSpot record.

How cool is that!?

How To Embed These HubSpot Elements

You can embed many features from HubSpot into your WPHubSite WordPress website including forms, meetings, live chat, and support form. Check out each of these articles for how to create the element in HubSpot and then embed it into your WPHubSite WordPress website:

Some items from this list may require different levels of subscription from HubSpot’s services. This varies by your free plan from HubSpot and also from paid plans. Each plan is unique so if you’re not able to perform any of these items and instead encounter a lock in HubSpot, you may need to increase your subscription level with HubSpot.

Last Updated On March 3, 2021


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