Advanced Theme Customizations

Build your website integrated with HubSpot on WPHubSite. It's the best all-in-one WordPress-based HubSpot website builder and it's free.

There are two advanced theme customization methods.

  • WPHubSite Theme Pro Modules
  • Site Builder Theme Builder

They’re both extremely powerful and can both lead to a highly customized website. While the Site Builder Theme builder allows for more customizations than the pro modules, there are many pro modules that can work in unison with the Site Builder Theme Builder.

There will be two help articles with all the details of using each of these methods for advanced theme customizations. These help articles are in the works currently. We recommend you check out customizing your theme first as it does cover some of the pro modules.

WPHubSite Theme Pro Modules

Site Builder Theme Builder

Last Updated On November 16, 2020


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