How To Log Into Your WPHubSite Website

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There are two different ways you can log into your WPHubSite WordPress website. They’ll all get you to the same place. Therefore, whatever you find most convenient is the way you should continue to log into your website.

Your email address can always be used for your username and the password is the same one you used to sign up with for your WPHubSite website.

Log In Through Your Custom Address

Whether you’re using the WPHubSite address on the free plan or if you’ve connected your own domain to your website it’s easy to access the WPHubSite WordPress login screen.

Type in your website address (URL) and then before pressing enter (or return) type in /login/. That’s it, add a backslash and then login to access the login screen for your website.

You can use your custom domain or you can use your WPHubSite domain. Both of them will get you to your login screen that looks like the image below (from an actual website on our network).

WPHubSite login screen.

Log In Through The WPHubSite Website

If you forget the login address for your website or don’t have the welcome email with the link you can always go to the WPHubSite website. In the bar across the top there’s a login link.

The login link is on our website but once you log in you’ll be redirected to your website’s admin dashboard. It’s always as simple as that as long as you have your login information.

WPHubSite home page with log in link pointed out.

Use The Link In Your Welcome Email

Along with lots of helpful information for getting your website going, the WPHubSite welcome email also has a link right to your website’s log in screen. It’s a custom link just for you.

WPHubSite sign up welcome email with sign in link pointed out.

That’s it! Three easy ways to log into your website no matter if you lost your welcome email or just don’t have time to mess around. Logging in and making the changes you need is always at your fingertips.

How To Log Into Your WPHubSite WordPress Website Video

Last Updated On November 16, 2020

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