Advanced WPHubSite Theme Pro Modules Customization Guides

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This guide covers all the WPHubSite Theme Pro Modules that you can activate to give yourself more functionality in the WordPress Customizer. Each module is a separate module so you can activate only what you need. This ensures your website stays as fast as possible without unnecessary bulk.

There are a few modules that are activated by default in the WPHubSite Theme Pro Modules but there are much more available and you can deactivate the defaults if you’d like also. The following modules are activated by default:

  • Colors & Background
  • Typography
  • Spacing

The settings for these modules and the WPHubSite Theme are covered in the customizing WPHubSite help article.

WPHubSite Theme Pro Modules

You need to activate the pro modules you’d like to use before the settings will show up in the WPHubSite Theme customizer. Here are the modules that are deactivated by default but you can activate to get more functionality in the WordPress customizer:

Before you can configure any of the modules you first have to enable them. The following section shows you how to enable pro modules. Once you’ve enabled the section you’re configuring, choose the module from above to see the help article about what it does and how to configure it.

How To Activate/Deactivate WPHubSite Theme Pro Modules

Each pro module needs to be activated individually. It’s a good idea to move slowly and activate what you need only when you need it. The more pro modules you activate, the more it will slow down your website.

Here’s how to access WPHubSite Theme pro modules and activate/deactivate them.

Step 1: Log into your WPHubSite WordPress website.

Activate WPHubsite Theme Pro Modules.

Step 2: Hover over or click on Appearance in the WordPress admin dashboard sidebar.

Step 3: Click on WPHubSite Theme.

Step 4: Click the Activate link next to the pro module you’d like to activate.

Now you can go ahead and customize the modules(s) you activated by opening the WordPress customizer. If you’re not sure how to do that, continue on into the next section before you open the help article for customizing the module.

Open the WordPress Customizer

You can open the WordPress Customizer from the front-end of your website if you’re logged in by clicking on Customize in the top bar. Otherwise, from the back-end of WordPress, here’s how you access the WordPress customizer.

Access the WordPress customizer to customize Pro Modules.

Step 1: Hover over or click on Appearance.

Step 2: If you clicked Appearance you can click on Customize in the menu or the Customize button on the page. If you hovered over Appearance, click on Customize.

Now you’re ready to customize any of the WPHubSite Theme pro modules.

Last Updated On November 16, 2020


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