Add New Site Layouts To Contain Your WPHubSite WordPress Website

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With the Site Layouts pro module activated in the WPHubSite Theme you get four additional methods of formatting the overall container of your website. These are the four additional container options that will be added in the WPHubsite Theme customizer.

  • Full Width
  • Max Width
  • Fluid Site
  • Padded Site

Each one will make your overall website container slightly different. This help article will help you choose the right site layout for your website once you’ve activated the pro module.

Access the WPHubSite Theme Customizer.

Step 1: Hover over or click on Appearance in the WPHubSite WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Customize.

Step 3: Click on Global in the WPHubSite Theme customizer.

Open the Global settings.

Step 4: Click Container.

Open the Container settings.

Step 5: Choose the site layout you’d like to use.

Note: The default site layout is Full Width which won’t change anything on your website. See the below descriptions of each of the other options which will change how your header, footer, and site content are laid out.

Select the desired site layout.

Max Width

Max Width will constrain all content of your website (including the header and footer) within the max width (in pixels) that you choose. You can also set up a top and bottom margin for the entire site.

Max Width site layout.
Max Width site layout example.


A padded layout will span whatever max-width you choose but always have a padding between the site content and the edge of the window. The padding applies to the header, footer, and content.

Padded site layout.
Padded site layout example.


The outer container of your website will stretch the entire width of the browser window and allow you to set a padding within the container for the header, footer, and content.

Fluid site layout example.
Fluid site layout example.

That’s it! The different site layout can help you achieve a unique look for your site. It makes it easier to lay out the content exactly how you’d like it.

Make sure you click the Publish button in the customize to save and publish your site layouts.

Last Updated On November 16, 2020


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