Use Footer Widgets To Add More Content To Your WordPress Website Footer

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When you activate the Footer Widgets pro module for the WPHubSite Theme then you’ll get some extra layout options for placing WordPress widgets into your footer. You’ll go from two layout options to eight layout options (including none).

WPHubSite Theme pro modules footer widget layouts.

Your footer widget section will change to the type of layout you choose. This will enable more (or less) widget sections in the customizer or the WPHubSite WordPress dashboard widget section. Now for how to choose your widget layout and customize the widget section of your footer.

Table of Contents

Access the WPHubSite WordPress dashboard customizer.

Step 1: Hover over or click on Appearance in the WPHubSite WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Customize.

Step 3: Click on Footer in the WPHubsite Theme customize.

WPHubSite WordPress customizer Footer option.

Step 4: Click Footer Widgets.

WPHubSite WordPress customizer Footer Widgets option.

Step 5: Select the footer widget layout you’d like for your website.

Note: The widget areas in WordPress will change to accommodate the footer widget layout you choose.

Step 6: Choose Content Width or Full Width.

  • Content Width: Constrains the widget area to the width you have selected in the customizer under Global > Container.
  • Full Width: Spans the width of the browser window.

Step 7: Set the padding around the entire footer widget area.

Step 8: Set a top border height size (in pixels) if desired.

Step 9: Choose a top border color from the color picker.

Step 10: Set any custom colors, background images, and more.

Step 11: Set any custom typography for the footer widget area.

Step 12: Click Publish to save and create the new footer widget layout.

Customizing the WPHubSite WordPress footer widget layouts.

Now your footer widget layout and customizations are published but with only a blank footer area. You need to add widgets to the footer layout now.

WPHubSite Theme custom footer widget layout.

You have a blank footer area if you’ve set up a footer widget layout but haven’t added widgets into it yet. If you’re in the customize you’ll see filler information that tells you the number of each footer widget area. On the front end you can’t see that yet, though.

If you’re still in the footer widget section of the customizer you have to click the back arrow a few times to get back to the customize main screen. These instructions will start from the beginning of the customizer (Appearance > Customize).

Step 1: Click Widgets on the WPHubSite WordPress Customizer.

WPHubSite WordPress customizer Widgets option.

Step 2: Choose the footer widget area you’d like to add a widget to.

Note: The options you have for footer widget areas will vary depending on what footer widget layout you chose.

WPHubSite WordPress customizer Footer Widget Area option.

Step 3: Click Add a Widget.

WPHubSite WordPress customizer Add a Widget button.

Step 4: Choose the widget type you’d like to add to your footer area.

Note: You can also use the search box at the top of the widget list.

WPHubSite WordPress customizer choose a widget type selector.

Step 5: Name the widget anything you’d like or leave the name blank to hide the name.

Step 6: Set the options for your widget. The options will vary depending on what widget you chose.

Step 7: Click Publish to save your widgets and make them live on your website.

Note: Before you publish you can also click the back arrow button to set up widgets for other footer widget areas.

WPHubSite WordPress customizer widget customization.

That’s it! You now have a custom footer with the layout you want and the WordPress widgets you want. You can add multiple widgets per footer widget area and you can rearrange them however you’d like.

WPHubSite Theme custom widget layout set up completed.

Now you can see the customized footer widget area I set up. Notice the little blue pencil buttons? You can click on any of those to jump around the customizer to the part of it that lets you edit that setting.

Note: The pencil buttons will only show up on parts that can be edited in the WPHubSite WordPress customizer.

Last Updated On November 16, 2020


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