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Create Advanced Blog/Archive/Post Layouts With The WPHubSite Theme Blog Pro Module

The Blog Pro module in the WPHubSite Theme gives you many options to create rich blog layouts. When you activate the Blog Pro module you’ll have more advanced options for blog/archive pages and single page layouts. This help article will help you create the types of blog, archive, and single-page layouts you would like with […]

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How To Set Or Change Your Favicon (Site Icon) In WPHubSite WordPress

The favicon has been a long-time part of web browsers. You know, those little icons that are in each browser tab. Go ahead, take a glance, I can wait. That’s now changing because Google has been using the favicon to put a little image next to search results in mobile results. They have a really […]

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Advanced Theme Customizations

There are two advanced theme customization methods. WPHubSite Theme Pro Modules Site Builder Theme Builder They’re both extremely powerful and can both lead to a highly customized website. While the Site Builder Theme builder allows for more customizations than the pro modules, there are many pro modules that can work in unison with the Site […]

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Create A Menu And Add Items To Your Website Navigation

Without a menu on your website how are visitors supposed to navigate around your content? It’s good to have a few main navigation items at the top of the screen that’s easily accessible to users as they navigate your website. A good general rule of thumb for the main navigation is no more than 3-5 […]

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Customize Your WPHubSite WordPress Website Theme

WordPress comes with a one-stop-shop for customizing the appearance of your website theme. The theme in terms of a website is the header and footer or whatever is above and below the content of your page. Even the general formatting of the content in your pages and blog posts can be controlled with the customizer. […]

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