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Set Up Google Site Kit In A WPHubSite WordPress Website For Analytics And Search Console

Getting more data about how visitors use your website before they convert is essential to understanding your website. It will help you improve your content, navigation, and more to make sure your website is as effective as possible. HubSpot provides a lot of website data after a user converts but absolutely nothing before conversion (they […]

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Configure Page, Post, Category and Tag SEO Settings

Before you publish a blog post or page there are some SEO settings that you should set up before clicking that publish button. By customizing the settings we’ll go over in this help article your pages will have a better chance in search results. Pages and posts are the most important for configuring SEO settings […]

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Configure Sitewide SEO Settings For Your WPHubSite Website

There’s a lot of power available in the SEO features we give you. By setting up the SEO settings on your website you’ll enable better ranking in search engines and more. The power of how your website shows up in searches is entirely up to your with the WPHubSite SEO settings. There are two distinct […]

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Create Your First Page On Your WPHubSite Website

Integrating your WPHubSite WordPress website with HubSpot is extremely powerful. The ability to drag and drop any type of page you’d like with WPHubSite’s Site Builder is even more powerful. If you can dream it then you can do it with Site Builder. Site Builder is an easy yet powerful drag and drop page builder […]

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Update WordPress Settings On Your WPHubSite Website

Before you get too involved in customizing the look of the front-end of your WPHubSite WordPress website it’s good to get things in the back-end all taken care of. There are several important WordPress settings that need to be taken care of so your website functions as it should as you’re creating it. For example, […]

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