WordPress Simplified With WPHubSite vs HubSpot CMS

Compare the differences between WordPress simplified with WPHubSite and HubSpot CMS. WPHubSite was built specifically to deliver the most important HubSpot CMS features but more affordably.

WPHubSite vs HubSpot CMS Comparison

We put together this simple table that lays out some of the main features HubSpot points out as the top features of their CMS. WPHubSpot has simplified the complex nature of WordPress into a platform that anybody can use.

WordPress is no longer a complex ecosystem that takes dedicated developers to figure out. We've taken the best of HubSpot CMS and put them right into WPHubSite so anybody can manage a powerful website easily.

WPHubSite Site Builder Themer Editing Footer
WPHubSite HubSpot CMS
Easy drag and drop platform
Template editor
Pop-up Forms from HubSpot
Collected forms from HubSpot
Live chat from HubSpot
Conversational bots from HubSpot
Phone support
Mobile optimization
Blog & content creation tools
Landing pages
Standard SSL certificate
Website pages
Robust templates & modules
Website analytics Easily connect to Google Analytics
SEO & content strategy
Custom domain
99.99% uptime
Security detection & threat monitoring
Two-factor authentication
A/B & multivariant testing Requires Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise
Reusable content
Drag and drop theme builder
Advanced theme modules
Export website data easily
WordPress ecosystem
Price Free to $149/mo $300/mo+ (requires $1,000 onboarding)
WPHubSite Site Builder HubSpot Form Integration

As you can see both platforms have a lot to offer. HubSpot CMS is built for enterprise-level businesses but leaves small to medium-sized businesses out.

WPHubSite is built just for those small to medium-sized organizations that need a powerful website platform but more affordably. The simplicity of WPHubSite makes it easy to build and manage your own WordPress website.

Get started with the free plan or a 14-day trial of any premium plan.