How To Install A Tag, Pixel, or Tracker To A WPHubSite WordPress Website

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HubSpot and Google Analytics are powerful tools to integrate with a WordPress website but there are plenty of other useful services (aka tags, pixels, or trackers) to install. There are things like pixels and tags from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other ad networks that can extend your WPHubSite and allow you to embed more into your website and track better.

WPHubSite has an easy way to install additional services into your WordPress website the same as how easy it was to install Google Analytics with Google Site Kit. Our favorite method to install all those other trackers, pixels, and tags is to simply install the Google Tag Manager and then manage everything through there.

You can add Google Tag Manager to your WPHubSite WordPress website easily with Google Tag Manager. You can go through the Google Tag Manager setup section for other services to easily install Google Tag Manager. Once Google Tag Manager is installed then you can manage all the extra stuff from there.

Not only that but GTM makes it easy to maintain version control and give agencies access to your tracking tags without giving them access to your website. This article from Google will help you get started with Tag Manager including adding a new tag.

Last Updated On November 20, 2020


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