How do I change my WPHubSite plan?

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You can upgrade or downgrade your WPHubSite plan at any time. If you downgrade your plan but are over your new plan’s allotment then you may be locked out from creating new content or parts of your website may become unavailable.

Here’s how your can change your WPHubSite plan in your WPHubSite WordPress admin dashboard.

Access account summary with Account link or See Account Summary link in WPHubSite WordPress admin dashboard.

Step 1: Choose any of the three options on the screen to access your account information.

Click the Change Plan button.

Step 2: Click on the Change Plan button from your account page.

Click a Select Plan button.

Step 3: Choose the new plan you’d like to change to. Keep in mind that if you choose a plan with fewer options and resources you may lose functionality or the ability to edit certain content until you are under your feature allotment.

Confirm the change in plan choice.

Step 4: Click on the Yes, I’m sure button to confirm that you’d like to upgrade or downgrade your WPHubSite account.

Confirm that the change was made.

Step 5: Click on the OK button to confirm if you’d really like to make the change.

New selected plan has

That’s it! Your plan will now be changed. Your new plan will be reflected on your Account page in the Plan section. Notice that the Free Forever plan now has a current next to it and is shaded.

You can always change your plan again. If you need more resources than our top plan then you can contact us for a custom quote.

Last Updated On November 16, 2020



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