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How To Log Into Your WPHubSite Website

There are two different ways you can log into your WPHubSite WordPress website. They’ll all get you to the same place. Therefore, whatever you find most convenient is the way you should continue to log into your website. Your email address can always be used for your username and the password is the same one […]

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Delete Pages, Posts, And More

Anything you can create on your WPHubSite website can also be deleted. This article will show you how to delete anything once you’re done with it. Delete Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags Delete one item Delete multiple items Delete Media Delete in list view Delete single media file Delete multiple media files Delete in grid view […]

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Hide Boxes On The WPHubsite WordPress Admin Dashboard

Sometimes the boxes on the WPHubSite WordPress admin dashboard might get in your way (or perhaps get a bit annoying). Other times, you may just be done with them and never need them again. When you’re completely done with the getting started video and getting started list then you won’t need them anymore. Hiding those […]

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