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Learn how to work with your WPHubsite WordPress website and how to integrate it with HubSpot. Each tutorial will help you take advantage of the power that WPHubSite and HubSpot can deliver together.

Update WordPress Settings On Your WPHubSite Website

Before you get too involved in customizing the look of the front-end of your WPHubSite WordPress website it’s good to get things in the back-end all taken care of. There are several important WordPress settings that need to be taken care of so your website functions as it should as you’re creating it. For example, […]

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Connect HubSpot To Your WPHubSite WordPress Website

After you take care of the general setup items of your WPHubSite WordPress website the next thing is to connect it to HubSpot. The power of your WPHubSite integration with HubSpot appears once you connect the two. Once you make the connection you’ll be able to embed forms, ticket forms, live chat, chatflows, meetings, and […]

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Set Up Two-Factor Authentication For Your WPHubSite WordPress Website

We take the security of your website serious which is why we require all website administrators to use two-factor authentication (aka 2FA) to log into their website. If you signed up for your website then you’re an administrator and are required to set it up in order to continue to access your website. Two-factor authentication […]

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Connect Your Domain On Your WPHubSite Account Page

If you subscribe to the Starter or Pro plans then you can connect your website to your own domain that you’ve purchased with a domain registrar. You can purchase domains for relatively cheap from places like Google Domains, GoDaddy, or NameCheap. Before your website will work, you also need to change at least the A […]

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